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Now that we know how to manage color, it’s time to get familiar with its controls.

Color quality control systems get different names depending on the manufacturer of the system, and “Ergotronic” is the name that Koenig & Bauer has chosen for its color management system and tools.

The ergotronic system has unique capabilities that utilize the Koenig & Bauer Patent.

Ergotronic is a very intelligent system that controls color management operations in a fully automated manner, ensuring that the printing operations are accurate at all times. The tool reads L * a * b * print sheet colors inline, and if you see a file conflict, it will automatically apply changes to the ink content of the specified points in the ink valves.

It does not need to examine all the colors in the sheet, which is justified in cases such as printing banknotes. Instead, depending on the standardized file, it is enough to study the sheet color bar and print the colors in the color bar correctly with the correct L * a * b *. Logically, if the color of each cell is exactly the same as the color of the sheet, all the colors in that sheet are correctly printed. There is a proverb saying we have reached ninety, by reaching one hundred!

Today, the latest generation of Koenig & Bauer’s ergotronic system is capable of reading discontinuous color bars in a single sheet of paper at a thickness of about 3 mm, which means that in order to layout the color bar on a single sheet, we would not have to increase the cardboard or paper size by at least 10 mm. We can embed the color bar discontinuously anywhere in the sheet.

Another major advantage is that new systems have the ability to completely save the printing process based on L * a * b *, which means that if the order for the reprint of a printout, print platform or any of the other variables is changed, the equipment and the color management system can achieve a uniform, repeatable color with the same L * a * b * at an unbelievable speed, with minimal waste (less than 10 sheets).

To break the boundaries of the country’s industry, we must rely on the world-class knowledge.

Mehdi Shabanipour
Marketing and Sales Manager
Teram Industrial Group