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Managing colors

Constant quality in printing using color management

The fact is that all devices that create images (digital cameras, scanners, monitors, printers) produce colors in different ways. Color management is simply the method of creating common and standard language for communication between the mentioned devices by adjusting environmental factors. By creating such a language, the color properties of the image and the method of re-producing colors will be the same on all devices and independent of hardware and software platforms.

According to the explanations, one of the main challenges in the printing and packaging industry is the exact printing of the colors of the customer in print orders. This is a complex issue because of the many factors involved in it. To answer this question, we implemented the Color Management System in the Teram Group for the first time in Iran. This system will ensure the customer that in all printing orders, at different times, the color of the product will always have the same quality and appearance.

We employ the most up-to-date hardware (color sensing devices, spectrophotometers, etc.) and the latest software versions for all devices of reproducing colors (including printing machines), and provide color certificates. Contrary to the color certificates used by most manufacturers in the world, which is based on the CMYK standard, we use color certificates based on FOGRA standard to create common language and colors. This standard creates the most accurate color certificates for use in the pre-printing and printing processes.

The color certificate is description of the range of the colors the machine can produce. The result of using this certificate in the production process is products with predictable, heterogeneous, and exact colors. The ultimate goal of this certificate is to verify the color observed on the computer screen, and ultimately the printed product would be the same. With the implementation of the color management system, there is no need for a supervisor to be present on the site. Upon confirmation of the packaging design by the customer, the Teram Group will provide an example of the final product and will provide it to the customer. The design confirmed by the customer is the same product that will be delivered to them. By doing this, significant savings are made in time and cost.