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Full knowledge of market and customer needs in the marketing sector

Teram marketing department is responsible for market research, identifying and transferring customer and market needs to the design unit and, of course, customer satisfaction.
In the market research section, the latest developments in the packaging of various industries in different parts of the market are examined; the team get acquainted with the latest standards and designs of printing and packaging industry attending the major international exhibitions (in various industries, including printing and packaging, food industry, cosmetics) and present the valuable information to the design unit to create the best strategies for their customers. Identifying market needs, customers, and the translation of the customer’s requests (according to the characteristics of the product and their brand) in technical language and communication with the design team are among the other tasks of this unit.

The customer service unit is another marketing department and its main task is to identify customer service and information needs and track them based on Teram value principles. Just in Teram you can track your orders. During providing the customer’s request, from designing to the delivery of the product, the customer service department of Teram will inform the customers of the status and progress of the orders through telephone call, SMS, e-mail and other communication channels.