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Customer services

Equipped and extensive warehouses

In the Teram Group, we have considered extensive warehouses for raw material and manufactured products. These warehouses are made up of separate sections and their environmental feature (temperature, light, and humidity) is adjusted separately according to the type of product and materials (glue, paper, composite, etc.). Some of our customers (for example, cellulosic, edible and cosmetics industries) have been importing or buying a bulk of paper several times a year to manage their finished products and use them for packaging their products. With long-term contracts with the Teram group, these customers always have tens of cardboard in the warehouses, and we use them according to their orders and inform them about the amount of new products and supplies. Most active manufacturers in the printing and packaging industry do not have such a space, so providing the conditions and location of these papers will be costly and difficult for them.

Producing products and performing all required services in a focused manner

There are many small and large centers engaged in one or more fields of production and customer service, and when receive orders beyond their capabilities (limited in production capacity or technical capabilities ) outsource it. In this way, the quality of the product, the costs, delivery time, the type of raw material consumed and many other things cannot easily be controlled. In many printing and packaging centers, hand-made boxes are not manufactured; whereas, given the variety of products and the widespread competition of manufacturers in different parts of the market, there is a need to produce different boxes (which cannot be produced automatically). In addition, items such as shopping bags, multi-part boxes and special services on products such as the installation of magnets, straps, ribbons should be handled by skilled operators and have a huge impact on the appearance of packaging and customer attraction. As will be explained, only a few manufacturers can produce such packages.

One of the main advantages of the Teram Group for customers is that all the processes and services needed to produce a package based on offset printing technology on cardboard are performed completely in the Teram group. At the same time as registering the customer’s request and confirming the order, the customer is informed of the date of receipt of the goods and does not require any other processes. The Teram Group will do its best to deliver the quality product to the customer at the desired time.