Logistic – Teramchap


At the end of the production process, in order to prevent damages caused by impact and pressure and environmental conditions such as humidity, light and temperature, the products are packaged in accordance with the standards specified by the quality management unit and, of course, according to the requirements of the customer, in the specified dimensions and frequencies are placed on special pallets and packed with automatic devices. These pallets are transported to large and safe warehouses (under controlled environmental conditions) along with other customers’ products using well-equipped machines.

In addition to producing ideal packages, we also provide our customers with the transportation support. There are no spatial and temporal restrictions on shipping products. Products will be delivered to all parts of the country on working days or on holidays. Thus, customers’ warehousing costs are minimized and their production will be carried out according to planned schedule without interruption. In the logistics unit, we aim to maintain security, control costs and deliver products on time.

Our customers are famous companies and organizations whose products need packaging and are aware of the importance of packaging and consider the role of packaging supplier as key to achieving their goals.

Our priority is promoting “packaging efficiency” of our customers’ products, and responding to their diverse needs in the packaging sector. The packaging efficiency is as follows:

  1. Protecting the product against biological agents, mechanical damages, toxins, heat, light and …
  2. Facilitating product transportation both in small quantities and in large quantities
  3. Making the product attractive and encouraging the final customer to shop
  4. Providing the necessary product information
  5. Branding and differentiating similar products

For this purpose, we provide designing, pre-printing, printing, and post printing of their product packaging.

We carry out value engineering to provide them with the best strategy by considering the resources and values ​​of the customer and using diverse materials and technology.

Teram is a value-based company and its philosophy is not apart from its responsibilities and values. Teram feels responsibility towards customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and the community. We believe that our values ​​not only represent us but also contribute to our sustainability.