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Product design

Providing the best strategies for products in the product design section

The Teram design team consists of independent departments for industrial design, graphic design, and Studio. Teram designers, having full knowledge of various capabilities of printing machines and postprinting services, design the most efficient and the most diverse packaging for you.

After identifying the customer’s needs (product features, image of the customer’s brand, place of sale, price, etc.), the desired box is designed and the white maquette of the box with real dimensions and material are provided using the most accurate cutter plotter machine. Having confirmed the box and the applied changes, the design will be printed on the maquette using advanced printers, and a sample of the final product will be provided to the customer for approval. In order to create a suitable graphic design on the box, if needed, the industrial imaging is done according to the customers’ needs and is edited and used to create unique packages in the studio.