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The Production Capacity

The highest printing and packaging capacity in Iran

One of the main concerns of major manufacturers (including detergents, edible and cosmetics) is the on time delivery of packaging items, production of JITs and non-stop production lines to manage supply, storage and production costs, and maintain Market and customers share. To achieve this and to reduce the risk of supply, companies divide their need for the box among multiple suppliers; asking each supplier a percentage of its production capability to produce high quality boxes at the time required. Managing relationships with multiple suppliers with different prices, qualities, and processes will pose specific problems for the manufacturer. Teram Group, the largest offset group in Iran, has a printing capacity of 300 tons a day. Only a small fraction of this significant capacity will easily satisfy the largest producer’s needs, and customers without worrying about the quality and on time delivery of the boxes required for product packaging can choose Teram as their main supplier.