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Technical support

Shorten the delivery time of the product and control costs with the production and design of Zinc in the Teram group

Designing and manufacturing Zinc is one of the most sensitive, time-consuming and expensive parts of the printing process. Usually most printing offices do not have the ability to make small changes in zinc and outsourcing it, so its production will often last longer; and its quality, finesse and precision are not reliable. In the Teram group, due to the implementation of color quality management system and the emphasis on the response time and quality of print, and the attention to the customer and managing their costs, using the most sophisticated and most up-to-date devices, Zinc will be produced in the lithography department.

The production of zinc is more important when production of different boxes (not necessarily more expensive) due to the advanced capabilities of printing machines adds to the variety of colors, from 4 basic colors to 8 colors. In addition, using the Cold Foil complicated technique is also on the agenda.

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