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The techniques

Providing different packaging by producing and providing some techniques and services in Iran

One of the goals of Teram is to provide better and different services to our customers. Teram can provide all products and services related to offset and packaging. We will provide different services for the first time in Iran, along with the best producers of this industry in the world.

  • Making the boxes shiny via the Cold Foil technique
  • A very advanced and new technique, focusing on reducing costs and increasing the speed of making packaging boxes shiny during printing. This technique, in some cases, is a good alternative to the Hot Foil technique regarding the circulation of the desired packaging and the level of hot foil in the box.

This technique will be explained in detail.

Different packaging through in line double coating.

Two-stage coating on boxes without stopping the production line or reprinting on paperboard. The main advantages of this method are:

a 1) A very different shape

b 2) Managed costs

c 3) Very fast production

This technique will be explained in detail.

The production of different, beautiful and robust Rigid Box automatically and in a high circulation

Teram, equipped with automatic and advanced devices is among the few Rigid Box manufacturers in Iran capable of producing boxes with high circulation (every day 10000 boxes in different sizes).

This feature will be explained in detail.

Production of micro-flute litho laminated boxes in Iran

Many Iranian manufacturers have to use paper boxes for packages with more dimensions and weights (boxes of one kilogram of food, automobile parts, household appliances, etc.) or products requiring special protection (cosmetics, Medicines, lamps, etc.) due to the lack of suitable packaging with acceptable appearance. Paper boxes suffer from the limitation of printing variety.

This feature allows the Teram group to produce robust boxes with all the capabilities and printing and post printing services to handle the high weight of products and protect them.
This feature will be explained in detail.

In addition to the above mentioned items, the Teram group is among the few Iranian manufacturers who can offer the following services and products:

  • Printing on metallized sheets
  • Printing on PVC sheets
  • production of boxes with PVC folding lines.
  • Production of boxes containing the envelope or inner package (boxes of tea, cigarettes, etc.)
  • Production of boxes containing the inner box (boxes of perfume, medicine, etc.)
    The combination of such products and capabilities with various and unique printing and post printing services will provide the customers with the most diverse packages.